Hide EuControl from the OS X Application Switcher

If you are running EuControl along side other Applications, switching between primary Applications (like Pro Tools and Soundminer or RX Editor), accidently switching to the EuControl Application may annoy or bother you. Or if you are simply annoyed by the fact of having an application visible in the Application Switcher witch only purpose is running the EuCon Protocol and Keyboard Macros in the Background.

Here is a solution for hiding the EuControl Application from the Application Switcher. (And of course, showing the EuConrol settings window for programming Macros or changing settings will still be possible)

As shown EuControl is running and hidden in the Application Switcher

So here’s what you got to do:

  1. Make sure the EuControl application isn’t running, other wise close the Application.
  2. Go to the Applications folder and locate the EuControl Application.
  3. Open the Context menu by right clicking the EuControl Application and click on “Show Package Contents”
  4. Now you will be present whit “Contents” Folder“. Open it and copy the “Info.plist” File to a different place for Backup. Because we are about to change it!
  5. Now you will be able to open it whit two Applications.

a. If you got Xcode installed, it will look like this: 

i. click on the little plus symbol, a new row will be shown
ii. in the “Information Property List” Colum, chose “Application is background only” in the row
iii. in the “Value” Colum chose “YES
vi. save and close

b. (without Xcode) open the Info.plist-File in TextEdit:

i. between the <dict> … </dict> row enter the following as shown above:


ii. save and close

If you got trouble saving the altered ”Info.plist”-File, copy, alter and replace the original file. To be safe make sure you got unaltered backup of the original.

So if you like to access the EuConrol settings window for programming macros or changing settings you could simply click on the Menubar Icon (as shown in the frist picture) or open it via a control surface like the Pro Tools Dock whit dedicated buttons for it.

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